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Several industries such as Oil and Gas, and power generation industries are uniquely set up to take full advantage of current advancements in big data analytics, IoT, video analytics and artificial intelligence. In the current market scenario of fluctuating prices, manpower shortage, industries are challenged to innovate processes to control their operational expenses and still meet the production numbers. It is imperative to embrace transformation programs to improve performance by integrating and to automate operational processes/functions using digital technology such as edge analytics and business process automation.

Operational excellence may be achieved by

  • Fully-integrating multidisciplinary operations – operations, maintenance, and measurement working together as one team
  • Digitally enabling processes using sensors and video devices
  • Business operational intelligence – using real-time information to prioritize tasks and improve efficiency
  • Automating task and process
  • Innovating methods to reduce expenses

Engagement Methodology

Our true and tested engagement methodology ensures

Assessment Phase

  • Stakeholder alignment on the vision
  • Interview and Workshops
  • Research & explore – analyze the current state of information technology maturity and processes to identify opportunities and rank them based on the value
  • Next Steps – Define roadmap based on prioritized opportunities and available infrastructure

Implementation Phase

  • Create a project plan with scope, resources, and timeline
  • Finalize requirements
  • Design solution
  • Develop and roll out the solution

Sustainability Phase

  • Creation of local support group with support champions
  • Prepare training tools – documentation and videos
  • Train the trainers

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